Decisions Under the Influence Workshop

Facilitators: Don Carney and Julie Lanzarin
  • Decisions Under the Influence Workshop is an 9.5 hours session over four days.
  • One Saturday Session (Parent participation required) 9-2 at the
  • MAW'S Building(734 A Street): July 10, 2010
  • (Please bring a snack or lunch for the break!)
  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (teens only) 4:30-6:00 at the MYC 1115 Third Street, San Rafael, CA.: 7/12;14 & 15/10

Marin County Youth Court

The Marin YMCA Youth Court has successfully switched venues from the Civic Center, as of March 3, to The Juvenile Hall Court Room at 16 Jeannette Prandi Way, San Rafael, Ca. 94903. For questions or concerns please call 415-459-4875. Thank you


Board Meeting Topics to be discusses

  • Next Board meeting TBA
  • Organize the definition of a Youth Court Member.
  • Discuss next elections for Board Members.
  • Also discuss when members should be allowed to run and vote.
  • The Youth Court needs to discuss an official membership application.
  • New members should schedule to be interviewed by the Board and then to receive an official membership. New Membership application and responsibilities.
  • By laws amendment to authorize special election.
  • Discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the Tribunal Hearings vs Adversarial Hearings.
  • Chairing and Facilitating Schedule.
  • Adversarial Attorney Rotations or Schedule to avoid lack of communication.
  • Attorney and Guest speakers during the month.
  • Discussed maximums/minimums for suspending driver licenses.
  • Decided on a mandatory minimum and maximum.3 month minimum and 6 month maximum, but only for DUI cases with potential victims.

  • Board Meeting Discussions & Topics

  • Discuss workshops dates (Attorney and Bailiff Training's)
  • Update Youth Court website: To show the positive benefits of The YMCA Youth Court Program and Restorative Justice. Resources needed to facilitate the program!
  • For upcoming Election, an intern will be appointed to count the votes.
  • Nominations are closed, only a majority vote of the Board could allow them to open up immediately beforehand.
  • 6/2/10

    Adversarial Hearing

    Youth Court Meeting Protocol

    • The meeting begins with the customary rounds of introductions.
    • Discuss what it means to be a Youth Court Member and the responsibilities (spending hours on a Saturday).
    • Youth Court Meetings on Wednesdays at 6:30 at the MYC (1115 Third Street, in San Rafael, Ca. 94901).
    • Nominations for the Board Memberships pending new members.
    • Decisions Under the Influence program: Held monthly at MAWS (734 A Street, San Rafael, Ca. 94901).
    • Kim Turner, the Chief Administrative Officer of the courts has given the Youth Court an opportunity to use the Juvenile Hall on Tuesdays for Youth Court Hearings.
    • Workshops to teach the jurors how to ask questions to insure a proper Restorative Justice Decisions.
    • End of the year Youth Court Party in honor of the seniors who have supported the program.
    • Camping trip or Youth Court night suggestions?
    • The Youth Court blog. marinyouthcourt.blogspot.com is the URL, or email jlanzarin@ymcasf.org

    Deliberation Process

    For extra Community Service hours take
    "Getting the most out of the Deliberation Process"
    For Access Code call 415-459-4875

    Youth Court Supporters

    • YMCA Youth Court Director: Don Carney
    • Youth Court Coordinator: Julie Lanzarin
    • Youth Court Judges: Roy Chernus; Sean Kensinger; Andrea Buccine; Jeff Moss ; Kevin Coleman ; Marshall Krauss; Matt Selby; Jonathan Frieman; Charles Woodson; Jordan Green; Peter Seegar; and David Vogelstein
    • Bailiffs: Eric; Eli; Nina and more COM & Dominican Interns to come....
    • Mock Trial: Youth and mentors in programs involved with Youth Court
    • Youth Court Schools: Del Mar;
    • Youth Court Code to modify the rules. Develop "Youth Court Protocols.
    • Powers of the Bailiff & Judges
    • Youth Court Training Workshops for Bailiff's and Attorneys TBA.
    • Both (Tribunal and Adversarial) Script revisions.
    • The Voir Dire process and questions also need to be updated and revised to insure positive decisions.
    • Honesty an issue with both jurors and respondents is mandatory.
    • The Youth court blog has been updated. We'll promote it with links. If it goes well, might expand to create a website.
    • Develop (a solid set of) objections for Adversarial cases and then run them by judges who express the interest in a positive change of the program.